Are you ready? You better be, because we are entering into dark corridors of gaming. The Net Yaroze is a black playstation + Kits and manuals, where you can make your own PS1 game. In other words, its a console made for indie developers who want to cash in at video game making for PS1. Most of the indie games come from the UK, maybe due to the fact that the UK PlayStation Megazine did allot of articles on this, they also includded this 100-games-in-1 disc with Yet Naroze games in one of there magazines to be playable in a ordinary PlayStation (and that's how i got my hands on it).

This is gonna be bollocks.

A Bob

Adventure Game

Blitter Boy: Operation Monster Mall


Bouncer 2


Cat Game


Dog Tale

Gas Girl

Haunted Maze

Hover Racing


Mah Jongg

Nana Tan


Pushy 11b

RC Race

Rocks 'n' Jems


Super Bub Contest

Tan Tank

Terra Incognita

The Incredible Coneman

Total Soccer