Founed 1990 (but only started making games in 2000), located in Valencia, California U.S. and managed by John Beck, Matt Bozon. I usually can tell it's WayForward Technologies game by it's beutaful animation, WayFoward Technologies makes one of the smoothest and prettiest impressive pixel animation, i knew this ever since i played Shantae for the Gameboy Color which was pretty much had the best animation on the entire library and seemed inpossible to make with the hardware's capabilities. There new games such as Contra 4 or a Boy and his Blob also shows that they still haven't lost there charm since Shantae. They release very few ORIGINAL games for what i know but there more of a companny that spends there time getting money by doing spin-offs of other series or movie/show related games.

Shinaz Game List

A Boy and His Blob (2009)

Contra 4 (2007)

Shantae (2002)